Commercial Seatcoating


S and S Sealcoating and Asphalt Maintenance is capable of handling all of your asphalt needs. With routine maintenance, we can extend the life of your asphalt as well as improve the overall appearance of your parking lot. Our progressive pavement maintenance plan can save you thousands in complete asphalt replacement .Two key elements in our pavement maintenance plan are; regular crack sealing to prevent water from penetrating to the base, and sealcoating on a three-year cycle. Sealcoating provides a durable barrier for any fuel /oil leaks as well as prevents oxidation of asphalt surfaces caused by ultraviolet rays from the sun which cause shrinkage and cracking of pavement. Our experienced team can help you plan for the future by setting you up with a detailed budget, leaving you with a clear plan for your asphalt maintenance.


Some of Our Clients:


• Club 24

• D’Angelos

• TECT Corp

• Mcdonalds

• Taco Bell

• A&R Body Shop



• Days Inn Hotel

• Hancock’s Pharmacy

• Schultz Electric

• Edible Arrangements

• Total Performance

• Oakdale Plaza


Our Services Include:


• Sealcoating

• Curb Repair

• Drain Replacement

• Line Striping

• Patch Repair


• Oil Spot Treatment

• Sweeping

• Parking Lot Maintenance

• Vegetation Removal

• Hot Crack Injection